shore vacation 2020

This vacation was a different one to say the least. Between life with a little baby and then covid-19 still rearing it’s head into things, we spent most of our time either at the beach or at the house.

We had friends come down to visit for a few days which was super fun. With 4 kids under 4 it was quite a circus but it was nice to have their company for a few days. K definitely enjoyed having other kids around and we enjoyed an evening with takeout and drinks after we got all the kids in bed.

We did make it to the Popcorn Park which is a small rescue zoo about 30 minutes away. K loved running around and making all the animal sounds. We only had to wear a mask in the ticket booth which was good because it was hot out!

We saw a huge change in L this week. He is consistently sleeping pretty good at night and has been much happier during the day. We have a nighttime routine down where we give him a 4oz pumped bottle right before we go to bed for the night. It seems to hold him over better than trying to nurse him for that last feeding. And actually the past two nights he has slept from 10/11-630 am so hopefully that trend continues!

The family was down for both weekends and “Pop-Pop” was the baby whisperer and did quite a good job of soothing L. All those extra hands are great for us so we liked that they came down.

No shocker here but K continues his trend of literally napping anywhere. He napped in the tent that we use for L and the other baby cousin. They weren’t super long naps but it got him through until bedtime!

We would wake up a bitttt cranky though…

I almost finished a book which was a miracle. Mary Kubica is the new author that I am working through and so far this book is amazing! I highly recommend The Other Mrs. and I hear that it is coming to Netflix too.

J got a breakfast sandwich on the boardwalk one morning. We stopped at Jersey Roll. This sandwich was HUGE. He got pork roll which is a big NJ favorite. I had a bite and it was pretty delicious but I can’t say that breakfast sandwiches are my favorite way to start the day so I passed on having my own.

In true vacation style, way too many snacks and desserts were consumed. K doesn’t get ice cream very often so he was in heaven this week!

My sister got a new Thule child bike seat that K took for a spin with grandma. It is the Thule Yepp Maxi. I have a different one on our bike at home but did not shop for quality so it is not the best seat. This one was pretty good although I wish it had a bar to go over K for something to hold on to.

We had a great week and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!! I can’t believe summer is winding down already.

We hope to get down for one more weekend this year. September is my favorite time for the shore since the weather is just perfect.

And now back to reality 😆 Yay for a short week!!

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