all the things outdoors.

With this nice weather (FINALLY) we have been dividing our time between the lake, beach, and back deck.  NJ is now in phase 2 of reopening but we are still sticking to mostly outdoor activities.




K likes to follow around his older friend at the lake and they are quite cute in the water together.




I can’t wait to show them this picture in 15 years ♥️




At the beach K likes to be buried in the sand and then will literally sit there and play with his trucks for an hour.




Pudding pop snacks on the deck are a recent go to after naps.  I just made more pops, this time I just made a smoothie and then froze them into pop form.




I whipped up a super easy pasta dish tonight.  Chickpea pasta, olive oil, garlic salt, parmesan cheese, and broccoli.




37 weeks this week and feeling it.  K came at 38.5 weeks which is crazy because that is so soon.  I feel like I have been pregnant forever but these last few weeks have gone so fast.  I think we are ready though!

Hope you are having a good week ♥️



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