MDW 2020.

This weekend flew by and we kept ourselves busy with some house projects and a short stay down the shore.




We went to Lowes to pick up supplies and K kept his mask on for 0.2 seconds.  Luckily it is not mandatory for kids under 2 to wear masks so I figured we were okay.  We kept our distance from people and we were in and out quick!




But he must have remembered what we all looked like because down the shore he found a cloth and put it on like a mask!!  Crazy how observant 2 year olds are.  We were only down the shore for a short time because we woke up to a cold day on Sunday so we decided to head back since it was 70 degrees and sunny at home.




We crossed off so much on our “before baby #2” to do list.  The biggest one being more permanent gates for the deck.  J has become quite the handyman with all the projects that came with buying a fixer upper.  I was impressed!




I had gotten K a jumbo bag of balloons from Amazon and he insists on needing multiple balloons blown up at once.  He has mastered how to carry all of them at once and thinks it is the coolest trick!




The guys will be finishing up our backyard project tomorrow so K will need to say goodbye to his trucks.  He LOVED playing on these and I’m sure he will be sad to see them go.




Today I was trying to finish up painting our side garage door so I set K up with lunch and movie so I could get more time to work on it rather than just his nap time.  He loves the movie Up and I can usually get about 30 minutes of him sitting still when it is on.  Gotta do what you have to do sometimes…




This week is forecasted to bring us some beautifully warm days so I am looking forward to the rest of the week!

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend if you had one ♥️



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