current gym situation. lumberjacks. slow cooker short ribs.

This week actually went surprisingly fast considering the circumstances.  I have become quite lenient with playtime activites.  Dirt is fair game.  Which probably explains why the laundry situation is out of control.




I have been digging into our freezer stash and found veggie burgers.  I made mashed cauliflower + squash to go with them.  I had the burgers frozen so I always sear them in a pan with avocado oil to bring them back to life.  The crust makes all the difference!




I planted some spring cheer in my front planter.  The rest of the garden is starting to slowly come in so that has been making me happy.




Splitting wood is our after dinner activity.  K is very much in an “I do it” mood and copies everything J is doing.




Filling up his dump truck with rocks is another current favorite past time.  This boy would be outside all day if I let him!




This is my unfortunate gym situation.  It is actually not too bad.  Being 27 weeks pregnant has limited my workout time to about 30 minutes so I can usually keep K occupied for long enough to get though my workout.  I take spin classes on the Peloton app and they are BOMB.  SO good and such a good workout.




I was trying to get an assignment done for school and was pushing off putting K down for a nap.  Ha he apparently was ready…




We are in desperate need of haircuts so I tried gel in his hair to keep it out of his eyes.  SO CUTE.




We have a little stream running down our side yard that routes all the excess water to the bottom of our hill.  It makes for a fun play spot for K.  We have been finding little frogs in there which K gets a kick out of.




I made short ribs in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.  Super simple… just beef broth, a chopped onion, chopped carrots, garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper, and a bay leaf.  Cooked on low for 8 hours.


slow cooker short ribs


I made mashed potatoes to go with it and it was good, filling comfort food.




Another week down in this quarantine.  I am trying to make things less mundane for K but it is pretty difficult.  The playgrounds and parks being closed has really taken a lot of options away from us.




But here we are and all we can do is pray, stay home, and hope this is on the upswing soon ♥️