blog therapy?

Well hello there. I am on point with these quarterly posts. My last post puts us back in the winter! Anyways, we have welcomed in summer with open arms. We have been busy soaking up all the sun at the lake or down the shore.

What a year though. L is almost one and I am slowly picking up the pieces of myself after an extremely rough year with little L. The one to two kid transition was no joke. L is a wild wild little dude and he keeps me extremely busy. I love his pep and enthusiasm for life, but sheesh is he everywhere. He is now officially walking and today he slept until 6:30am so maybe we are seeing the light. This mama is just wanting to sleep past 4:30am ya know?

I forget if I mentioned this in my last post BUT I have joined the Peloton family… as many people have during this pandemic. After a casual 10 week wait, I got a bike in February. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is part of my daily routine and it has been so good for me. My name is mcece if anyone out there wants to follow and ride along! We bike a lot down the shore so I feel quite ready for summer. These legs are now powerful enough to bike around this cute load of babies. Ha not a shocker that L is upset in there. I promise he was happy once we were moving 😂

On the foodie front… I NEED to share a new-ish blog find that my friend directed my way. Half Baked Harvest is my new to go recipe spot. That link will bring you to what I am making for dinner tonight so I will hopefully report back as to how it was. But I am sure it will be amazing. Everything she makes is amazing. Below is my FAVORITE recipe that I have made of hers. I have probably made it three times now and it does not disappoint. Her Thai Basil Sesame Cashew Chicken Chicken is to absolutely die for.

As far as my “wine-ing down the week” Friday posts go, I can’t say I have been sipping on anything very interesting. It has been mostly classy boxed wine… usually Bota Box wine that (I have said before) really is the best boxed wine. But I don’t discriminate. Maybe l’ll pick up something more interesting next time and give it a share.

I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate my little blog back into my life. I feel like I have such a small amount of “me” time and deciding how to spend it makes me a little panicky. But today is rainy so I got some things done in the morning so now I have this tiny window while the boys nap. I like this. I like it here. I am currently finding out that typing words and thoughts and recapping life is somewhat therapeutic for me. Maybe I will prioritize this for a bit. See how it goes..

happy tuesday folks ♥️