shore trip. lake days. big helper.

We had a fun trip down the shore this past weekend.  It did rain on Sunday but Saturday was a good outside day!  We went to our “secret” bay spot since K has the best time swimming around there.  We packed the kayak full and waded over to enjoy a nice sunny afternoon.




We lack baby seats down there so there were many attempts to try to get L to sleep not on me… this was unsuccessful as usual.  This boy loves cuddles!




This week at home has been more of the same.  Getting house chores done has been challenging and takes way longer than I would like.  I did find that warm laundry soothes a fussy babe.  Well.  For a couple of minutes ha.




K has been doing his best to help by putting in a pacifier when L is crying.  He is so proud to help.  He has been the sweetest big brother.




I think we have had some hints at a smile from L the last few days.  But we are for sure getting some gains… look at those arm rolls!




K and I share the same love of pockets.  I wish I could sew pockets into all of my clothes that are pocketless… a mama needs pockets to put all the things!  I think leggings with the little pockets on the sides need to be a universal design!




We got some kid hand-me-downs from a friend of J’s and this helmet was a hit with K.  I put it on to appease K and got super claustrophobic.

He also gave us some balance bikes which K hasn’t quite gotten the hang of but maybe soon.




This little fishy has been so great at the lake.  He loves the water so much and he will just float around in the shallow end forever.  I am so happy that we joined this year even though we don’t get there as often as I would like.




I have started to do a bedtime routine with L to try to get some sort of schedule going.  This is day two of both boys going to bed at 7/730pm.  Then I get to relax (HA let’s get real… do the million things I couldn’t do during the day) and then I will dream feed L before I go to bed.  Let’s see if I get a longer first stretch of sleep tonight…




I am sad that summer is winding down but I am a huge fan of fall weather so I can’t say I am too upset.  Summer has been a sweaty one with a babe strapped to me at all times!  I am looking forward to a good sweater and a nice full-bodied glass of red ♥️

happy week to you!