father’s day + swedish meatballs.

happy belated father’s day to all the dads out there!  We went to my sister’s house and had an outdoor BBQ.  It was HOT and we melted outside but it was a fun afternoon with family.




The babies played in the little pool while we all squeezed into the shade.




K loves his little cousin and calls him “baby”, like he calls every child younger than him.  But he is nice and gentle which we are happy to see.




We have a whole week of heat ahead of us.  High 80s + low 90s.  Perfect for being 9 months pregnant, right?.  We plan to go to the lake in the mornings and then relax in the air-conditioning in the afternoons.  But yesterday I cut the lawn so that shows how good I am at relaxing…




I made AMAZING Swedish meatballs for dinner last night.  This recipe is a MUST TRY if you are looking for something new.  I had pretty must everything already on hand.  I had to substitute a bit and used all ground beef, ground coriander instead of ground all spice, and whole wheat bread instead of white.  I added zucchini for a veggie and served it over egg noodles.  It was so so good and it made a ton so we have lots of leftovers!




Things are rapidly opening up in NJ with salons and similar sorts of businesses opening up this week.  But I am hearing there is a “COVID charge” for salon and restaurant services and things are much more expensive.  So we will be staying put a bit longer ♥️