weekend recap 4.11+4.12

happy monday ♥️


This weekend started off with scrambling for a DIY mask because now in NJ you must wear a mask out in public.  A little hot glue + hair ties + fabric and we were good!




I had to see what the hype was about with the whipped coffee  trend.  Wowww was this good!  A little time consuming for every morning, but for a mid afternoon cup it was perfect.




We finally got a post up on social media about baby number 2… decided that with 2 1/2 months left maybe we should let some people know 🙂




I made the greatest pizza on Saturday night.  We have made a lot of pizza and I think the ultimate trick is a hot oven (450 degrees) and letting the pizza crisp up at the end on the oven rack not a pizza pan.  But I still want to try a pizza stone!  I just want to do some research to see if the quality of one matters or if one from Target would do just fine.




We took some pictures on Easter that entailed getting into real clothes (WHAT) with some make up and hair done (WHATTTTT).




K enjoyed his easter basket filled with a mix of new and old things.  COVID-19 really prevented me from getting to the store again and perfecting it.  But K had no idea and was pretty pumped about everything.




We had to grab a quick belly shot because I actually looked presentable this week.  27 1/2 weeks!  The funniest thing is that K gets all cranky when we take these pictures.  He plops to the floor and whines and then wants to he held.  Then he gives a crank face in the picture.  Ha does he know the baby is getting attention??!!




Sunday was a beautiful day outside!  We rounded out the day with yard work and ball playing in the yard.




Easter was a lot different this year and it was sad to not be with family.  It is getting harder each day to isolate ourselves from family and friends but we know it is the safest thing to do.




Happy Easter from our family to yours!