weekend recap 5.9+5.10

We had a weird weather weekend… hail and snow one day and then sunny and warm the next!  The birds have finally taken a liking to our window feeder and K loves to watch the birds come to eat.




We got our oil tanks filled up CHEAP with prices being so low right now.  K was very excited about the big truck in his driveway.




Anddd then we got the hail.  It would hail/snow one minute and then the sun would come out.  It was a very strange day.




The weird weather led to some indoor time for the afternoon.  K found these hand mitts that I think are supposed to be used to exfoliate but he got a kick out of wearing them around the house.




I snapped this picture because they were sitting the exact same way watching TV.  Like father like son right?




Then K moved on to the better situation ;)… snuggles with mom!




J made his homemade lasagna on Saturday night.  It takes hours to make but all the ingredients being fresh and homemade makes it so delicious!


homemade lasagna


On Mother’s Day I got a nice flower delivery from K.  I have yet to decide on an e-reader for my gift… I want one that I can rent books from my library on.  Right now I use my iPad but I would rather not bring an iPad on the beach so I am looking for something else.




We had an outdoor BBQ dinner at my parents house to round out the day.  The social interaction was nice.  It seems like things are getting better in NJ and you would think we would start opening up soon… but the governor has all kinds of goals we need to meet so who knows.  Hopefully we get some answers this week!