summer camp. saturday errands. baby pictures.

Today was K’s first day of summer camp. He was so excited to “go play games with everybody”. We are about 2 hours in with no panic phone call… so I think we are good?! He is going to a camp run out of a gymnastics and tumbling gym. We are starting with a half day once a week and depending on how he likes it will determine how much he goes for the rest of the summer!

Reporting back on the recent Half Baked Harvest… wow was this good. I made it x 2 already!

We ran errands on Saturday to get ready for a BBQ we were having on Sunday. We used to LOVE to go to Costo. Now with two kids… ha not so much. But they sat in the cart pretty well for most of the time.

J’s family came over for lunch on Sunday and his dad brought over tons and TONS of pictures from his childhood. It has been super fun to go through them because I have only seen like one baby picture of him. K is his twin as a baby and toddler as evidenced below. But now as he gets older I think he is a good mix of both J and I.

I just finished a Peloton ride with Jess King. I did her recent 45 minute sweat steady ride and holyyy sweat. It was nice to take a longer ride. I usually just do 30 minute rides because I have K watching a show next to me and he starts to get antsy after a half hour. Currently eating a salad with the BEST veggie burgers (from Costco) in SILENCE as L takes a nap.

Here is to hoping the day continues to go as smoothly as it started! Happy Tuesday!