trucks. 33 weeks. recent dinners.


happy wednesday!


We finally took a trip to my grandma’s house for an outside visit this week.  She was so happy to see K after more than 2 months!  My grandma still has a tire swing up in her yard that I used to play on when I was a child.




We are in the last phase of our outdoor house project.  The trucks have been some bonus free entertainment for K.  We are so so excited to see how the yard looks when it is all done!




K must have realized he has a truck that looks similar so he had to bring it over to the big truck…




33 weeks pregnant this week!  Baby is an active little babe and “wakes up” more at night.  OR maybe I just feel it more because I am sitting down and relaxing/trying to sleep.  We will see what that means for our sleep schedules once this little one arrives.




I was having some dinner burnout so I made some new meals this week.  I found this recipe for Korean ground beef  and we had it with rice and broccoli.




I also made chicken marsala with cauliflower mash.  I actually followed the recipe on the back of my marsala wine bottle and it was pretty good!




J has off on Friday so only 1 more day until the weekend!! ♥️