favorite meal kit delivery services.

Since everyone (I hope) is trying to stay home as much as possible, I am sure meal kit delivery services are staying quite busy.  We have tried so many of them mostly because the first time you get some kind of discount.  I haven’t hated any of the services we have tried.  But they all have good and bad things about them.  Here are a couple that we tried:


blue apron: delicious and interesting meals.  it surprised us how tasty the recipes were.  prep often took some time though.  smallish portions but by far our favorite.  3 recipes a week for 2 people is $9.99 a serving and free shipping.

hello fresh: lots of options.  nothing bad to say but nothing really stands out either.  3 recipes a week for 2 people is $8.99 per serving with $7.99 for shipping.

home chef: huge portions.  but not super interesting meals.  $9.95 a serving.  We haven’t ordered in a couple of years but it looks like shipping is still free.

sun basket: lots of variety.  16 meals to choose from.  3 recipes a week for 2 people is $11.99 per serving.  I think you also have to pay for shipping.

every plate:  this is our most recent service we have tried.  the meals are very basic but you can’t beat the price.  we did feel like we could have thought up the meals on our own so it wasn’t too interesting.  but nice to have a meal and ingredients all planned out and sent to you.  and the price is very reasonable.  $4.99 per serving plus $8.99 shipping.


These are 2 meals we made from Every Plate.  Simple, well priced, and prep is easy.  We go through phases with getting meal kits delivered.  Sometimes I like having dinner planned for me all week, other times I don’t like the pressure.  I think when we start up again we might give Blue Apron a try.  The meals are just so good.  Every Plate is our second favorite though because the price is super reasonable that we don’t feel like we are wasting money.  Obviously it is cheapest just to to the grocery store with a recipe in mind, but sometimes it is fun to do something different!


every plate broccoli sweet potato meatball


every plate chicken avocado tomato feta


This has me really wanting to start ordering again 🙂  Happy Cooking!