nesting turtle. little seat. more blue apron.

Happy Friday!


These weeks are really going fast and we are getting anxious thinking about when our next little one will join us.  I am a planner so the unknown of childbirth takes up a lot of my thoughts near the end.  K is getting a lot of extra attention because I keep getting sad that his time as an only child is ending.  He is such a sweet and happy kid and I hope that he welcomes in this new baby and does okay with my time being divided.




For some of his meals I give him the choice between his “big chair and little chair”.  He almost always chooses his little chair.  He loves this thing!  We have this one but I have seen other brands out there too.




We continued with our Blue Apron dinners this week and they were both a hit.  What I love about Blue Apron is that you are always pleasantly surprised.  J and I were both not looking forward to this grain and veggie dish but it was amazing!  We added avocado and it was a great meatless meal.




Our last meal was chicken curry pitas and it was another awesome meal.  I have earned a free box from Blue Apron so if someone wants to try it just leave me your name and e-mail in the comments and I will send it your way!


blue apron


In other exciting news, we had a mama turtle lay eggs in our yard last night!!  We have had this snapping turtle friend living in our pond since we moved in (probably longer) but we have never seen her lay eggs.  In my google search it looks like they could be unfertilized or fertilized, but they hatch in August so hopefully we will be lucky enough to see that!




Enjoy the weekend ♥️