changing leaves. heaven hill farm.

My mom sent me some photos from our last shore weekend which included our annual family photo sitting by the house. Ha I think we look pretty tired which adequately describes life right now. The shore was tough this year since I was either very pregnant or calming a fussy newborn but it was still a nice getaway for us on the weekends. And we did a week down there too… we will always be grateful for a vacation getaway without vacation cost!

Little L is doing well with his tummy time and rolled over from belly to back! He is very vocal when he is happy and loves to giggle and coo. He still naps best either on me or in the carseat but we are working on our crib naps. We started doing a ” bedtime” for him so he goes down around 7:40-8pm and will sleep until 8am with usually two wake ups to nurse throughout the night. He is still our fussy little dude for anyone but mom and his favorite pastime is still… cuddling with mom.

But look at this sweet little sleeping babe… mama doesn’t mind little one ♥️

K babe is being his cool chill self and rolling with the days good or bad. He is testing his boundaries a bit and gets very upset if he is scolded. Big crocodile tears and a big pout lip appear quickly and he knows how to tug at this mama’s heart. He loves trucks/cars, playgrounds, and grandma!

These last few months have been full of ups and downs but these babies make me so happy and I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe the poor sleep thing… ha I would change that.

Our recent family adventure was visiting Heaven Hill Farm. It was BUSY. This isn’t our first time there so we knew it gets crowded, but it was especially crowded considering the worldwide pandemic we are experiencing. K had tons of fun doing all the kid activities. L was a little fussy so that’s where my time was but J had fun helping K do all the fall things. I really wanted to take K on the hayride but we left it to last and we should have done it first because we were wiped out by the end of the afternoon so we skipped it. Next year!

We did treat K to some ice cream when we got home which he was pretty excited about since it is a rare treat for him. He was pretty stingy with sharing bites but I did get to eat his leftover bite. Mom life right?

This week has been a bit rainy which has made everyone a little cranky. The dark mornings mean slow wake ups with couch breakfast and Sesame Street or as K calls it, “Elmo”.

AND We are considering listing our house so we have been doing some house shopping which is CRAZY because life is busy enough right now. But the market is hot and if we can sell our house fast we think it is worth it to maybe make a move now. We will see!