still baby wearing. lake snacks. farm day.

Baby wearing is still a necessity with our little L. He is slowly staying happier on his own but in order for him to fall asleep he needs to be in the carseat or wrapped up with me. He likes the Moby wrap the best!

K still insists on his “little seat” for meal times. The hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat is this seat that he loves! He won’t even sit in his big high chair anymore.

Recently I went to a fun paint and sip night at the lake. I will spare you the photo of my actual paining so here is what I brought for snacks instead. I drizzled the mozzarella with Nonna Pia’s Classic Balsamic Glaze and chopped basil. I actually eat this snack on the regular while at home too!

We took a family trip to Abma’s Farm and K had fun feeding the animals. He had so much energy he must have run around the farm like 7 times. This farm is so nice and well kept. Everyone had masks on (except young kids) so we felt super safe!

K still insists on holding his little brother often and showers him with lots of kisses. He also tries to touch his eyes so we are working on that…

I even got a smile from L while he was being snuggled by big bro K.

On a different note… I treated myself to a new poncho sweater from this cute online shop called stone + willow and I will be living in this all fall and winter. Super nursing friendly!!

We are thinking this might be our last shore weekend for the year which is sad. It is a great little getaway for our young family because of all the extra helping hands from family. But the cooler weather is welcomed with open arms. Until it is winter… and then that’s way too cold 😆

I hope you are having a good week ♥️