checking in.

Even with it being winter and quarantine/covid-19, these days are coming and going so quickly! I swore I would get back on here to document life and such but it just isn’t happening. At the moment my days are pretty busy and honestly I would rather be present with the boys rather than drafting up a post here. I never wanted this space to feel like a chore so a step back is what I need right now. AND I have been really into my psychological crime thrillers so my evenings usually consist of me snuggled up with a book.

We got dumped on with some major snow the last few weeks so it is quite a winter wonderland. K loves to play in the snow but it is hard to maneuver L out there so we don’t go out too much. I am eager for this snow to melt so we can get outside to playgrounds again.

Dinner has been a simple protein + vegetable most nights. Mostly because it is fast, but also to keep our quarantine waistlines in check 😃 I have been doing most of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and I love all the different stir fry veggie bags they have there! The brussel sprout one is the current favorite.

We have a big bad 7 month old on our hands… almost 8 months actually! We are working on introducing food and dealing with some possible food allergies. So far oats are the main culprit, we are doing okay in the fruit and veggie department. L loves tummy time and is scooting all over the place. Our crazy baby is continuing to be our crazy baby and he is always on the move!

The boys currently play together quite well and K is very helpful and eager to teach L new things. He wants L to crawl so badly so many days are spent like this…

I wish I could be on here more… I plan to be back when I have more time on my hands… aka when my OOTD is more than leggings + a zip hoodie + wet hair 🙂

See you when I see you ♥️

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