casual 2 month hiatus.

Well hello there. Been a minute huh? The days and weeks have been flying by. Most days I feel like I look up and it is already 3pm!

L is continuing to be our absolute crazy baby. He is always squirming. HATESSS to take time out of his day for a nap. He is super smiley and it doesn’t take much to get a big cheesy grin out of him. He is still happiest when being held, by mom specifically :). He likes to stand up and his legs are so strong already. He likes his walker and swing the best right now. He loves being outside and that is the only place where he will fall asleep on his own! Well, and in my arms. He loves that fresh air! (and mama). He is already 5 months and it makes me sad that he is almost 1/2 a year already!

K babe is still our chill cool dude. He loves L so so much and watching them together is so cute. He is getting more opinionated and has STRONG feelings on which shoes he wants to wear. He likes to have his picture taken and watch videos of babies on my phone. He loves trucks and we always need to bring one “to-go” when we get in the car. We are close to weaning him from his pacifier… he only gets it for naps/sleep now and it is going pretty well. We are nowhere close to potty training and I am not even going to attempt until he is closer to 3. He is our little snuggle bug and we are so proud of how good of a big brother he is.

This picture perfectly depicts the boys. I needed L to take a little cat nap before bedtime but instead K decides he needs a quick snooze. You can’t tell but L’s eyes are WIDE OPEN. K can fall asleep anywhere.

With Covid-19 cases ramping up again we are keeping our circle of people we see inside pretty small. We went to the mall the other day for lunch and I just will never get used to seeing K in a mask. He doesn’t love wearing one but he knows that if he wants to get out of the stroller and walk then he needs to put it on.

I try to get the boys outside each day even if it is freezing. We bundle up and head out because we all do better with some fresh air in our lungs. Like I said before L loves being outside and barely fusses when he is out there. Sooo that is another reason why we are always outside. K enjoys it too. He loves to walk around the yard with his toolbox and “fix stuff”.

Our normal holiday shuffle is not happening this year. We won’t be doing any traveling and we are only going to my parent’s house, who we see all the time anyway. It is sort of depressing but it is almost a blessing because sometimes I am so over the holidays because there is too many missed naps and bedtimes that it just makes for cranky babies. I can’t believe how close Christmas is actually. This whole year has been sort of a blur, I hope life doesn’t keep going this fast!

Feels good to get back to my little blog. Disclaimer: the post took like 3 days to write. I wish there were more hours in the day to fit in “me” things since the day is consumed with keeping 2 little boys happy and healthy. I like to keep reminding myself that the days can be long but the years are short… so trying to soak up this busy season of life!

Until next time…hopefully another 2 months will not go by! ♥️

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