welcoming october.

October is in full swing and we have some fall events on the calendar which I am excited about. I am also excited about little babies in warm little bear outfits.

Our mornings start off slow since L has been sleeping 10p-10a (with two wake ups to eat) so K and I usually just hang out. Breakfast has been a lot of homemade breakfast sandwiches. I want to get into the routine of working out in the morning since it is just K up but I am NOT a morning workout person. So that mixed with still getting up a few times at night has not been the best combo.

We had a pretty uneventful past weekend in which we (read J) did some yard work and then went to some playgrounds with the boys. OH we did go to Costco which was an absolute circus. This location is so so busy and we should know better than to go late Saturday morning. We used to go Friday nights (before kids) and it was the perfect time to go.

I got a new front door “wreath” from QVC. Lauren McBride is one of my favorite bloggers/instagram accounts and she came out with a fall and winter line and this basket is so pretty. It is well priced and the quality is so great! It is currently sold out which I am not surprised about. My plan is to switch out more seasonally appropriate flowers. I think that storing flat flowers is more space efficient than wreaths. I don’t know why but I am totally in operation clean out crap mode. Baby/kid items is a lot of it which we are obviously still using, but all the stuff that I am keeping “just in case…” is OUT the door.

L and K are keeping me busy during the day and I am getting nervous for the winter months of being stuck indoors. K and I went to the library a ton last winter but it is still closed because of COVID so I need to think of a new activity for us. The malls still scare me a little bit… especially their play areas so that is probably out of the question. Maybe we will just bundle up for playgrounds??

K is foreverrrr stealing my drinks. I just ordered a new flavor of my favorite powder mix from Amazon which is usually out of stock but for now it is amazon prime delivery!

Excited for the day when mowing the lawn is K’s chore and he is not just a little spectator in the corner…

I am going to attempt an earlier bedtime with L tonight. I would rather him sleep 8p-8a so we are going to see how this goes tonight. He is usually super fussy from 730p-10p so I don’t know if that is because he is not ready for bed and doing “witching hour”, or if its because he is just tired and wants to go to bed. Ha finding out tonight…

I hope your week is going well! Halfway to the weekend!! ♥️

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