budding artist + false labor.

happy friday ♥️


What a fast week.  We enjoyed lots of sun and nice weather.  It was supposed to be really hot but it never really felt too bad.  We spent most days at the lake or outside like usual.  I got out K’s paint one day and he made his first masterpiece!  Thank goodness for washable paint…




Wednesday morning was spent in the doctor’s office after contracting all night and still into the morning.  I wasn’t feeling the baby move a lot which is what prompted the call to the office and the nurse telling me to come in to see what was going on.  I was having contractions every 2 minutes apart but over the 3 hours that we were there I didn’t progress too much so they gave me the option of going to the hospital to be monitored further or going home.  I chose to go home because I wanted to avoid any artificial induction of labor.  I went home and drank tons of water, took a bath, and rested and the contractions slowly stopped.  The day was exhausting and while we missed K it was good that he was by my mom’s so I could rest after a sleepless night.  It was a stressful day but we were happy this baby decided to stay cozy for a little while longer.




On Thursday I felt pretty good, just tired.  K came back home and we went to the lake and then stayed at the house for the afternoon.  I made breaded chicken and vodka sauce with chickpea pasta and zucchini for dinner.  I plan to make another batch of the sauce today to freeze so I have an easy dinner for when baby is here.




After this week’s events we plan to stay close to home this weekend and maybe tick off some items on our ongoing house to-do list.  And rest.  Lots of resting.

Enjoy the weekend ♥️




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