37 weeks + pizza on the grill.

37 weeks… definitely feeling PREGNANT.  I don’t remember being this uncomfortable at the end with K.  I kind of feel blah when I wake up in the mornings and I tire pretty quickly doing things during the day.  Shockingly doing my 30 minute peloton spin classes really helps to give me energy in the mornings.  I feel like this baby is sitting low because I have a lot of sharp pains when the baby moves.  I have been trying to rest when K naps since I know sleep is about to be a memory of the past, but I also feel like I have limited time to get things done before we go from 1 baby to 2.  Almost there!




Dinners have been simple.  No new recipes or exciting meals to share.  My stomach is so so small right now that food isn’t very exciting for me… sorry J for the lackluster meals 😆




The weather this week was pretty great and I think we didn’t even have even one day of rain.  All of our grass has grown in so our yard feels HUGE and K is taking full advantage of it.  He likes to play in the woods on the path we made with extra stones and then of course his in his pool and splash table.  He is a busy little guy outside and I have chairs set up all over the yard so I can sit when he chooses a spot to play.




I made pizza on the grill last night and think I have a good system now.  I grilled the one side on low with the lid up until it was firm enough to flip.  Then I flipped it and put on the toppings and cooked it on low for about 5 minutes with the lid down.  Then I turned the heat up to medium and grilled it for another 5-10 minutes, still with the lid down but checking it a lot.






pizza on the grill


It was so nice out and pretty great enjoying pizza and drinks on the deck.  I won’t lie I am counting down the days until I can join with a glass of wine…




We have a long to do list this weekend as we feel like it is crunch time.  We have to get car seats situated and we want to finish up the new flooring in our gym area that is in our basement.  I think J has a list of outdoor projects too.  I need to take it easy though because K came early I think because I overdid it the day I went into labor with him.  Or maybe he was just ready to meet us… we will never know.  Lots of water and rests for me today!

Enjoy your weekend ♥️



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