lake days. picasso. blue apron.

It feels like we are finally officially in summer.  I have waited so long to have nice hot weather but now my pregnant self is just hoping the temps stay under 90 for the next few weeks.  But at least our lake opened!!  We have gone to the lake almost everyday since it has been open.  K is a little fish out in the water.  He wears a little floatie but he figured out how to “swim” with it on and will kick himself all the way to the shallow end rope.  I swear he would keep going all the way to the deep end docks if I let him!




We are so thankful restrictions are lessening.  We are pretty happy to have somewhere else to hang out while we wait for baby #2 to arrive.




K has also shown a new interest in art which I’m sure makes his Aunt Jaci very very happy.  My sister has an art school so she gifted him some art supplies for his birthday.  If anyone is local, she puts a lot of time and creativity into her classes and it is a great place to send your kids!




K’s little pool isn’t getting a lot of love now that we have the lake open, but we still get out there in the afternoons while he watches me water the ridiculous amount of new grass in our yard.  We are so happy with the results of our latest outdoor project but watering the little seedlings takes me so long!




By mistake we had Blue Apron delivered… they are so sneaky and they send you an e-mail after the shipment is on its way and not BEFORE so you can decide if you really want it.  Obviously it is a genius move on their part.  And actually I was having dinner burn out so it wasn’t the worst thing.  We had a pork noodle dish last night and as is usual with Blue Apron meals, it was delicious!




I have been on a cleaning/nesting rampage over here which has included cleaning windows with bleach and a toothbrush.  That’s normal right?

Hope you are having a great week!



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