weekend recap 6.6+6.7

We didn’t leave for the shore until Saturday morning so we spent yet another day around the house.  K gave the baby plenty of kisses.  We will see if that continues when the baby is actually here…




We ordered pizza on Friday night and had family movie night.  J and I can officially state every line from the movie “Up”.




K insisted on every stuffed animal being in his crib for bedtime that night.  He looks so big in his crib!!




We had a gorgeous weekend down the shore.  Both days were hot and sunny so we had plenty of time at the beach.  This pool was carried all the way to the beach to be hardly used because K was only interested in the ocean.  He likes Pop-Pop to take him to the water the most.  Dad sure got his exercise in over the weekend.




The boardwalk is slowly opening back up so we took a walk on Sunday morning.  It was actually quite busy.  The beaches are open but with a lot of restrictions.




K is so so obsessed with the water.  The bay was pretty warm and he would have stayed in there forever.  He did pretty well with his new floatie and didn’t mind putting it on at all.




My dear old dad was my second quarantine haircut client.  The desperation must really be kicking in.  I cut J’s hair last weekend but we forgot to do a before and after picture.  But I think they both turned out looking pretty good!




We are going to maybe do only one more weekend down the shore before the baby comes because I don’t want any panicked 2 hour drives back home.  K came a little early so we are not too sure what to expect with this babe!

HAPPY MONDAY!  Enjoy your week!





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