steak dinner. pizza on the grill. refurbished front door.

We got a surprise gift from someone that J works with so we got to enjoy a huge steak dinner this week.  The steaks were from Lobel’s of New York and they were HUGE and so good.




Early this week I made a sausage and sweet potato frittata with a recipe I found in a free magazine my grocery store gives out.  This was super easy to make and held up well in the fridge for a couple of days as we had it for breakfast or lunches.




We had our first dinner on the deck this week!  Whenever we grill we usually end up staying out there to eat as well.




I made pizza on the grill with peppers and onions.  I used a regular store bought pizza dough.  The grill makes it super crunchy, just how we like it!




We are not so patiently waiting for our town lake to officially open up… it is frustrating that they haven’t opened up yet.  It seems to me that they just don’t want to be bothered by the restrictions that would have to be in place for them to open.  I am close to just going and hoping we don’t get bothered…




My latest DIY is complete!  I painted our front door along with our side garage door.  We are going to have pavers put in to replace the loose stone walkway that is between our house and garage.  And THEN I think we can officially call our outdoor projects complete for a while.




Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend ♥️





2 thoughts on “steak dinner. pizza on the grill. refurbished front door.

  1. Gosh, I feel like we’re at a point where the restrictions/rules in place are all a power play. They have decided that pools can reopen now BUT its a little too late for that because now the pools haven’t hired for the summer and that means kids can’t go somewhere to burn off the energy this summer. I am just hopeful that the governors see that if people can riot and protest within 6ft of each other their kids can go to school AND be at a store/restaurant/movie theater within 6ft of each other! ❤
    p.s. Thanks for the egg recipe … love new ways to incorporate eggs into my diet! 😀


  2. Hi Lindsay! Ugh, hopefully they can hire fast for the pools! They just decided to reopen our town lake so we are excited for that. Enjoy that recipe!!


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