life as of late.

NJ is slowly opening up… we expect phase two to start June 15th which will mean seeing some outdoor dining and nonessential retail shops open back up.  At the end of the month we should have hair salons/barber shops and gyms start to open.  It has been a slow SLOW process here.  But with the weather nice and warm I don’t miss things like that too much.  But I am dying for a haircut and pedicure before baby # 2 comes so hopefully I get to squeeze that in!




Smoothies continue to be my lunch of choice.  My new protein powder is so tasty!!




We were down the shore last weekend and the weather was great!  K is such a beach babe and absolutely loves the water.




The ocean is still quite freezing but there were actually people swimming.  K of course would have dove right in if we let him.  I let the belly breathe on the beach which is the only way to be 8 months pregnant in the summer in my opinion.  It is just too hot to cover that belly with a one piece!




We have a new spot by the bay that we found.  It is just as close as our walk to the beach and K has a lot more freedom in the water.




I am so happy that K loves the sand and water.  We are looking forward to many beach summers to come!




Thursday already!  These last few weeks have been going so fast.  We are going to be a family of four before we know it!



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