SUN! pooltime. pregnancy craving.

We FINALLY had some summer-like weather this week!!  Since our town lake hasn’t opened yet I got our little pool up and running.




When it’s 75 degrees out we spend the whole day outside, meals included.  K dined on PB & J and strawberries.




I made my usual protein smoothie with my new protein powder that I LOVE.  I found KOS Organic Plant Based Protein Powder on Amazon and it is so tasty!!  There is no gross aftertaste and the ingredients are clean.




We were quite happy on this day.  I hate that the weather affects my mood so much but it is all we have to look forward to as New Jersey is still only in phase one of reopening.  We are hoping phase two is rolled out soon!




The sun tuckered K out and he took his usual spot after his bath to relax a bit before bed.




I made the mistake of enjoying my nightly ice cream a little too early so I had to share…




I was obsessed with Drumstick cones for awhile but when I was shopping the other day lemon italian ice sounded really good.  This pregnancy craving will probably take me until the end.  Only 6 weeks left!




I made my healthy hamburger helper for dinner and J said it was even better than last time.  I used different shaped chickpea pasta and I swear that changes how a dish tastes.  I also used more cheese since we had a lot so I didn’t feel like I needed to ration it.




Now that the trees are nice and full our backyard is secluded again so someone took a quick skinny dip in his pool.  We are so ready for summer!!




This week is FLYING by.  I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday.

Hope your day was great ♥️



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