beach getaway.

Last week we decided to head down to the shore house just to mix things up.  We left early on Wednesday and stayed through the weekend.




K always goes straight for his toys when we get down there which is great because it lets us get the car quickly unloaded.  My mom has stocked this beach house with all kinds of toys for K and he couldn’t be happier.




My parent’s house is on a side street close to the bay so the roads are quiet for K to be able to do as he pleases.




J worked the rest of the week while K and I kept busy going to the beach, playing near the bay, and going for bike rides.




Not a pretty picture… but why do burgers always taste better down the shore?!




We spent the majority of our time at the bay since K was really into throwing rocks into the water.




This child also went swimming as if the water was summer temps.  The bay water was definitely warmer than the ocean but still quite cold!




My parents came down for the weekend and K soaked up all the attention from Grandma and Pop.




It was so nice being down for most of the week.  I have said it before but being down there makes life feels normal during this very abnormal time.




The weather was great and we are looking forward to summer so much!




This week we are having our second french drain put in.  Then they are going to smooth out and seed the yard.  Next year we should have a beautiful backyard!  They are starting tomorrow and I think K will love watching all the machines do the work!


I hope your week was off to a smooth start ♥️



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