spring showers. birthdays. dinners on repeat.

I’ve lost count what week it is in quarantine… week 7?  8?  The weather has been okay,  some rainy days but then the next day will be warm and sunny.




We have been enjoying lots of walks on the warm days.  We are going to be coming out of this time fit as a fiddle with all this extra physical activity we are doing.  K must have been tuckered out from his beach weekend because on this morning he took a quick snooze and it was barely 9am!




This game of K sitting in his truck and being pushed around is a current favorite.  But this big baby belly is starting to get in the way so I don’t last too long pushing him around.  He sure loves it though!




Someone can’t wait for summer…




I thought this was so funny… just hanging out with his hands in his pockets.  I have never seen him do that so it had me cracking up.




We spent yesterday afternoon at my parents house for some birthday treats.




More zoodles for dinner this week.  Topped with some of K’s leftover chicken fingers.  Tonight I plan to scour Pinterest for some new dinner ideas.




I hope your week is going well ♥️


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