mothers day gift idea. fresh air. new pantry clean out dinner.


Anyone else??  NJ has been hit so hard by this coronavirus that I feel like the end is not even in sight.  One positive note is that they are going to open up state/county parks and golf courses so I guess that is a step in the right direction.  I am all about staying safe and keeping this pandemic under control but I won’t lie, this week has been been a struggle to get through.  When the weather is nice we do okay but the rain and cold makes me feel so trapped.  But, *deep breath*, all we can do is take it day by day and pray this is over soon.




If anyone needs a mother day gift idea my sister and I stubbled upon Cratejoy.  So many cute subscription boxes!  We decided on a cookie baking one since our mom always has a baked treat on the counter.



Blurry picture but our before bed movie and snuggles might be the best part of our days.  By 7pm we are both tired out and we just sit together and watch a movie before K goes to bed.




This goofball.  His silliness helps lift my spirits.




I have been taking pictures of the yard before our big reno.  We try to keep before pictures so we can remember what we started with.  All we are doing here is cleaning up the far part of the yard so it is nice grass and not tree stumps.  We also planted some baby pine trees along the property line to hide the office building after we took out all the bushes that used to be in that area.  Now we will have about 15 more feet of yard!




With all the rain everything is so wet and muddy but it is not stopping us from being outside.  The fresh air helps everyone’s moods and breaks up the day a bit.




This sandbox continues to be a hit and I am glad we did it even though we probably should have waited to get some landscaping fabric to contain the sand a bit better.  Seeing K in here makes me excited for the beach!




I whipped up a “hamburger helper” meal using our dwindling grocery supply.  We are trying to only go to the store every two weeks so by the end of the second week I am getting creative.  J was a huge hamburger helper fan but I refuse to buy it because it has all kinds of gross and weird ingredients along with a high sodium content.  So I called this meal my version of hamburger helper and even though J said it wasn’t exactly the same he ate it all in less than 20 hours so what does that tell ya?  It is quite tasty and nutritious which is always my goal.  I’ll share the details in the next few days!

enjoy the day ♥️


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