weekend recap 4.25+ 4.26

It is weird doing so many weekend posts since I usually work half of them!  J had a long and busy week so we took the weekend pretty easy.



Saturday was the nicer day so we made sure to get outside a bunch.



We drove to Montclair to walk around a bit.  We LOVE this town.  It is full of restaurants and shops and such an interesting place to take a walk.



I was surprised to see the farmers market open.  But they did have strict social distancing  rules in place.  The line to go in was super long so we didn’t wait.  We like to browse slowly anyway and we figured that wouldn’t be possible with people waiting behind you.



We debated getting breakfast to go but instead just took an hour walk and J ended up grabbing coffee.



We ordered pizza for dinner (ha…saturday AND sunday) from our new favorite spot Danny’s.  The grandma style pie is so good!  We need to try their chicken dishes before we give it our official number one Italian take out spot though.  Maybe next weekend…



I hope your weekend was relaxing ♥️





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