weekend recap 4.18 + 4.19.

We had a couple of outdoor tasks on our to do list for this weekend.  But Saturday it rained most of the day so we ended up having a pretty lazy day.




K got a pudding pop for his after nap snack.  No fancy recipe, I just made pudding and froze it into ice pop molds.  K was pretty excited for this special treat.




Saturday included lots of coloring, trains, laundry, cleaning, and lounging.  I worked out and cleaned the house so I felt like the day wasn’t a total wash.  These rainy covid days are tough to get through!




Dinner was simple, steak with rice and broccoli.  We needed to cook up the fresh broccoli and we have like a 5 lb bag of sushi rice from when we were obsessed with making sushi.  It was a clean out meal for sure!




I spent the evening going through K’s baby clothes and vacuum packing.  Have you ever vacuum packed clothes??  This was 3 bins of clothes packed into one!




Sunday thankfully brought some warmth and sun.  We gave K his birthday present since he is SO obsessed with helping J with the wood outside.  We got him a tool box and he looked ready to help when carrying it out to the wood pile.




He was pretty excited about his own tools.  And I was happy he wasn’t swinging around a REAL hammer anymore.




Grandma and Pop had introduced K to rides in the wheelbarrow so now a lot of that happens when we are outside.




Grandma and Pop also dropped off sand for K’s makeshift sandbox, aka a garden square that we aren’t using right now.  It actually works pretty well!




We spent the late afternoon playing outside because it was so nice and warm out.  Fingers crossed for a nice weather week!




We haven’t ordered much take out mainly because we were just trying to limit any exposure, but also didn’t want to make it a habit that was going to extend beyond this quarantine.  But Sunday night we felt like a change so we ordered pizza.  I didn’t have a preference so J got to choose the toppings.  Fun fact:  When I was pregnant with K we didn’t find out the gender so J and I made a bet. Whoever won got to choose pizza toppings for an entire year.  I won 🙂 and it was a tough loss for J.  But we made the bet again!  But J got to choose first since he lost last time and he chose girl so I can’t say I am super confident with my forced choice…  but we will see!




I hope you had an amazing weekend!



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