weekend recap 4.4+4.5

We had wonderful warm temps this weekend so we got a ton of work done in the yard.  Living in a wooded area always gives us quite the spring clean up task list but with all this extra time home we are pretty much all cleaned up!




We have been a little loose with bedtime recently so K is going down closer to 8pm.  I peaked on him to see if he was sleeping one night and this is what I saw.  This monkey pulled his laundry basket INTO his crib.  It must have been quite difficult, I was almost impressed.




K helped us out in the yard by watering the plants with water from his water table.




Our bubble machine has arrived!!!!  Of course we ran out of bubbles but I made some bubbles using 1 cup laundry detergent, 2 cups of water, and 1/4 cup of corn syrup.  This is strange… but as long as it is not too cold out the bubbles work great.  For some reason the cold makes them not want to form.




In the morning K has been calling for J to come get him.  I gives me a nice extra 10 minutes to wake up 🙂  Now in the morning we just hear “Dadaaaaaaaa!”




We spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend so by night time we were exhausted.  We still got in plenty of snuggle time before bed.




I have so much laundry to do because this guy gets so so dirty when we are outside.  Actually, we all do so my laundry pile is quite large.




We got 10 Thuja Green Giant Evergreen trees to put up along our side yard.  We got little baby trees because they were only 10 bucks a tree so it will be awhile before they are big enough for a privacy wall.  But this side of our yard is just an office complex so we don’t really feel like we need much privacy anyways.




I have our deck gated off so I let K out there while I was cleaning the downstairs.  I look outside to check on him and I see THIS.  This crazy baby climbed right up here.  So much for being able to leave him out here on his own for a bit!




This weekend I mostly focused on our front garden bed.  I still want to add in some nutrient rich soil but it looks a lot better already!  I want to pick up some flowers too so it has some color!




In an effort to do something new, I brushed off our bike and put some air in the tires.  K and I took a nice bike ride on Sunday and this mama was working HARD getting up all our hills.  I ran into a friend from the lake so it was nice to talk to another human being for a bit!  We spoke at a 6 ft distance of course…

don’t worry I fixed his helmet before we took off 🙂




This warm weekend was good for the soul and helped lift all our moods ♥️



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